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youcoll The working environment for collectors.

Further information and tutorial

youcoll allows you to manage, chronologize, systematize and add information to your collection. gives you the means to research your area of interest and archive the results in an easily searchable way, whether you prefer working alone or in a group. You can keep your work private or share your findings with other users. Information and sources are easy to find again. The administrative navigation bar allows easy access to the various service areas and is found on the left side of the page after logging in.

How do I create my first collection archive?

  • A successful login will take you to the account overview page. The overview page displays recent activities that relate to you in some way. You should check your account settings and personal information during your first session in order to make sure that your personal information is entered correctly and that everything is set up according to your preferences. You can find a link to the account settings page in the navigation bar.
  • Once you have done this, you can create or join a group. Groups contain items and information about items submitted by users. Groups allow collectors interested in the same items to share information and item records, and could also be described as representing areas of interest. In order to join a group, use the main menu to select a group and ask for an invitation. If you have already received an invitation, use the navigation bar and click on "invitations". Once you accept the invitation you are a full member of the group. In order to create your own group, use the navigation bar to go to "Groups" and click on the "new group" option located at the top right of the page to create a new group. You will be taken to a page where you will be able to enter a description of your group along with other information. You can modify the group information at any time.
  • After group creation, you can assign articles or items to the group. Use the navigation bar to go to "Items". If you are a member of multiple groups, you can select the group you want to add items to by clicking on the arrow located at the group name. Select "new item" from the top right of the page in order to add a new item. Enter the item information on the following page. You can modify the entered information at any time. You can also add an item history, price information or information on the source of the item. After saving, the item will be added to the item management overview.


How can I change an item?

  • First you have to access the item's record. Use the navigation bar to go to the item archive or alternatively click on "Groups" to find an item associated with a specific group. Use the search function to find the item by entering search text, an item type or a catalogue number. Alternatively, you use the sort function to find an item. Once you have found the correct item, click on the ballpoint pen symbol in order to edit the item. This only works if you are a member of the group that the item is associated with.
  • You cannot change the history, origin or price information of an item on the same page. Instead, click on the calendar symbol with the "30" on it. You will subsequently be able to add or modify the relevant information.


How do I invite another user to join a group?

  • Use the navigation bar and go to "Groups". Go to the group you wish to invite the user to and click "Invite user to group" on the symbol with the two people. Enter the user's user name in the following dialogue. You can add a message to the invitation if you want to. The invited user will become a member of the group as soon as the invitation is accepted. The user can accept this invitation in the "Invitations" page by using the navigation bar to go to the appropriate page.


How can I become a member of a group?

  • You need an invitation from a group member in order to join a group. If a group's status is set to "looking for new members" you should send the group or an individual member of the group a message politely asking for an invitation. You can join the group as a full member as soon as you get an invitation by accepting the invitation on the "Invitations" page located on the navigation bar.


How do I create an article about a certain topic?

  • Use the navigation bar and click on "Articles". Use the "new article" option on the top right of the page to create a new article. Enter a title in the title field and use the editor to enter the article text (the editor will probably only work on up-to-date versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer).

    You can also use the copy & paste functions to enter your text. Select the text you want to copy in the document you have saved it in and press control-C to copy the text to the clipboard. Click on the field you would normally type the article text in and press control-V. The editor will try to preserve any formatting you may have used in your word processor (such as MS Word) by converting it to HTML. As this can have unwanted side effects on the appearance of the article we would advise you to disable this function. You can do this by clicking on the "T" folder symbol on the editor control bar and pasting the text (control-V) into the window that pops up. After clicking on "Paste" the unformatted text should be displayed in the editor. You can then use the editor to format your text. After saving, the article will be shown in your article overview ("Articles" on the navigation bar).


How do I associate articles with groups or items?

  • Select the article you want to associate with a group or item. The edit dialogue contains a function at the bottom that allows you to manage associations. Here you can choose the group you want to associate the article with. Optionally, you can also enter an item ID from an item contained in that group to associate the article with. You can find out the item ID in the item's detail page or in the item overview. After saving, the article will be associated with the selected group or item. You can repeat this process in order to associate the article with multiple groups or items. You may remove the associations at any time. Please check the read access of the article. There is no point in associating an article with a group if the group members are not allowed to read it.


If you have further questions, suggestions, praise or complaints, please use our contact form.